Download Panda Helper Cydia for your iPhone,iPad, iPod Touch

Can install Panda Helper Cydia for your device ? What is Cydia ? Cydia application is known as “Third party second App Store”. This application was developed by Jay Freeman & users can install Cydia application with jailbreak apps. Jailbreak is a process of “break iOS restrictions”, Jailbreak apps are related to the device and iOS version. Users are required to select best jailbreak application to install Cydia for the iDevice. All Jailbreak apps were developed with Cydia injector, So Cydia application is installing with jailbreak process. Cydia application is support for iDevices (iPhone,iPad,iPod Touch), So users are unable to install this application Android running devices.

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How to install Cydia for your Device

Actually Cydia application is unable to install without jailbreaking device. This is really valuable application for all Apple iDevice users. Cydia is one of the best way to customize device with third party apps.

  • First all users are required to download required jailbreak application for the device.
  • Then. Run application & tap “Jailbreak” to break iOS restrictions
  • You can see several process is going & Cydia is installing to your iDevice
  • Open Cydia application to install Panda Helper application for your device

Cydia app included many apps, tweaks, themes for users. Users are unable to download these apps with official Apple app store. 

How to install Panda Helper application with Cydia for your device

All Cydia application users are required to download Panda Helper repo for their devices. This panda helper repository is only available to install for jailbroken devices. Please follow this path to install Panda helper repo for your iPhone, iPad, iPod.

  • Open Cydia application and tap “Sources” – Then tap upper “Edit” – Then tap “Add”
  • Then enter this code to install Panda repo in the form “Enter Cydia/APT URL”
  • – Then tap “Add Source”. Then Panda helper repo will be successfully installed to your device.
  • When you tap installed tab, User can see Panda Helper appeard with this session
  • Now you can enjoy many applications features with Panda Helper

How to install Apps free with Cydia 

Cydia allows many apps free for your device. You can follow these steps to install apps without revoking with Panda Helper.

  • Open Panda Helper application in jailbroken device
  • Then tap application you need to download, Then tap “install”, Wait & observe process. Application will be ready with your device

You can see more than thousands of tweaked apps are ready with Panda Helper Cydia application.

Why Panda app installation useful with Cydia

Non Revoke – Your apps are ready with device whenever Cydia is with your iDevice. This is one of the best advantage for all users. Therefore some users are preferred to install Cydia application before Panda Helper application install for their devices.

Panda app & Cydia application installation failed , Why ?

If your device is unable to install Cydia application, You can follow our online direct download link to install Panda helper application free for your device. If you failed with Cydia repository installation, Pleas refresh Cydia application & add Panda repository using above mentioned guidelines. However some latest iOS versions are unable to install Cydia application & also protect your device from fake Cydia apps. We recommend to Saurik official sources to install your favorite Cydia application.